Upcoming Shows and Whatnot

Hey all, Not much new to report here. Added a handful of new pictures to the gallery and, as the title suggests, updated my show list for this year (Which is located on the right column of the page in case you missed it). I’ll only tabling at a few this year (missed the window […]


So I finally¬†got around to updating this thing. So sorry for the folks who’ve been keeping up with it. It’s just been a crazy last year. But anywho, added a buncha new art. Mostly a lot of doodles that I’ve just been kinda sitting on as well as a few pieces that had been in […]

It’s Alive!

Well, kinda. I’ve still got a lot of bugs and tweaking to take care of but she’s getting there. I had originally wanted to do this badass, custom graphics beast of a website but then I rather quickly learned I don’t know nearly enough about web coding to pull that off. So, I opted for […]