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Pencil and Inks - $25+

Line Work with Digital Flats - $40+

Line Work with Digital Colors - $50+

ATC (Black and White or Color) - $20+

SD Figures- $20+


  • I am willing to draw just about anything but will refuse a commission if I find it offensive. If you have questions about what I will and won't draw, just ask.
  • I must receive payment before beginning a commission. If for some reason I am unable to finish a commission once started, you will receive a full refund.
  • Please bear in mind that in addition to being an artist, I also work a full time job along with other responsibilities. I will try to get commissions done in a timely manner but things come up from time to time. I generally try to finish things within a two week time frame from when it was ordered. The complexity of the commission also greatly affects the time of completion. So please keep this in mind.
  • Refunds can only be given before a commission is started. After which time I can not issue refunds. So please be clear about what you want right from the beginning.
  • All commissions are available for personal use. Please discuss with me before hand if you're interested in commissions for commercial use